Thursday 26 January 2012

a good man as defined by an old dried up zucchini.

Behind every good man, there's a good woman?  Isn't that the saying?  If so, in our household it should undoubtedly be the opposite.  I am not sure if I am a good woman, but I can say, without a modicum of hesitation, that the man I am married to and who also happens to be my baby daddy (sorry, that was just too good an opportunity to pass up) is the best man there is.  Period.  No equivocations.

I hope all wives/mothers feel this way about their mates and if not, I implore you to go out and find yourself a Rogan....or a close approximation, as I guarantee he is the only one of his kind.

I know you are all on the edge of your seats wondering why I am so passionate about this topic, enough so that I am devoting an entire blog post to it.  Let me lay it out for you.

Firstly, my husband cooks.  I know, you are all jealous, as you well should be.  Not only does he cook, but he used to do it for a living and LOVES it.  This love translates to wonderful, beautiful, creative food on our plates almost every day.  I am all about esthetics in my home, but am usually far too lazy to apply this to my food (baking is another story) but Rogan makes sure every plate, no matter what it contains, is a work of art.  This is something that my freakish, OCD, esthetically inclined brain loves.  I think this first point is enough on it's own to make my husband such a good man...but, can you believe it?  There's  more.

an old dried up zucchini
He is sensitive, compassionate, understanding, intelligent, creative, devastatingly handsome and  the best dad Mylo could ever hope to have.  He supports us, he loves us, he bites his tongue when I go off an a crazy girl tangent, he has more patience in his little finger when it comes to Mylo and his meltdowns then I could ever hope to have.  He works hard every day so that I can stay home and take care of our son and never gives me grief about it (even though I have major guilt issues about no longer bringing in an income).  And he makes me laugh, in fact, he makes me laugh my ass off all the time.  Do you know just how important a sense of humour is in a partner?  I'm betting you do.  The MOST important.  And lastly, if all of the above didn't convince you of Rogan's awesomeness and my dumb luck at nabbing him, this picture should make it all clear.  It was taken last night.  I was on the phone for a good long while talking to another ASD mom (hooray for support!) and I hang up to find this note sitting on the kitchen counter.  Rogan had cleaned out the entire fridge, dumped, scrubbed and reorganized it and in the process found this little beauty.  Cleaned fridge, made me laugh my ass off.  A good man.

Now don't misunderstand me, R can be just as big a douche as all of us, but I'll take a little bit of douchery and a whole lot of awesome any day.  Also, did I mention he can cook?  :)

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  1. Kitty, what a fantastic blog, I love it and yes I am jealous. Hell, I'd be happy if someone, anyone made me toast - working on this with Max!

    It wasn't dumb luck that you "nabbed" him, it was clearly fate - when two people are that much in sync it had to be a plan put in motion by the universe. Also, I'm a firm believer that children choose thier parents and Mylo hit the jackpot. There is a reason the 3 of you are the happy family that you are and although you may never know the reason why, with the life you describe its probably not necessary to know the why, but simply live it and love it. Can't wait to read the next post....with each word you restore my faith in family! Hugs from Teri & Max <3